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You say goodbye to your own ice-blue eyes as the icon disappears from your phone for good. Just like that, no more stars. No more Animals cover that plays automatically. No more Rennsdays. But you know it was the right thing to do. And you won’t stay down for long! You’re Jeremy Renner, damn it! You’ve got spin-offs to film, main characters to support, albums to record, makeup tactics to master, houses to flip, Jeep Grand Cherokees to sell, and a custody battle to win. And you plan to do almost all of it! “Jeremy Renner” might be dead, but Jeremy Renner is alive and thriving. You sit down to a typewriter and begin the first draft of “The Hurt Locker 2: Back in the Locker”.



Share your results with how many hard-boiled eggs you consumed throughout your adventure! Hope you were keeping track.

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